Did you know that maintenance on your air conditioning circuit isn’t on your dealer or auto shop’s check-list when they perform mechanical maintenance work on your vehicle?

Yet, it’s an important operation since a well-maintained air conditioning circuit allows you to:

  • Lower your fuel consumption

  • Improve the cooling of your vehicle’s interior

  • Eliminate the bacteria and fungi present in the circuit.

That’s why, at Quoidbach, we offer a service that includes:

  • Flushing your air conditioning circuit

  • Treating your ventilation circuit against bacteria and disinfecting it

  • Performing a leak inspection on your ventilation circuit

  • Filling the air conditioning circuit in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards using R134a refrigerant

  • A pressure and functional inspection of the system.

Air conditioning system maintenance is recommended every two years.

The cost of this package is €65.00 including VAT