As a private individual, you have specific expectations and you want to find the best tyres for your vehicle. 
But what exactly is the right tyre?


The right tyre is one which:

  • Fits your driving style: are you more of a sporty driver or is your driving style prudent and responsible?

  • Matches how you use your vehicle: are you a hurried city person, an adventurer in love with the back roads or someone who racks up kilometres on the highway?

  • Matches your yearly mileage

  • Fits your budget

Our team will take your criteria into account and recommend the tyre best suited to your usage and your budget.


Tscan Groove Glove analysis

The Groove Glove allows us to analyse your tyres’ treads based on more than 200 points. This examination allows us to uncover possible future structural tyre problems and offer you a recommendation regarding alignment and the need for replacement. The TreadSpec software produces a report that objectively describes the state of your tyres and any action needed.

Our team will complete this examination free of charge and will provide you with a detailed report on the state of your tyres. Don’t hesitate to come and see us.