As a member of the Passion pneu and Profile Belgium professional groups, we are approved by most leasing companies. 

When and how do I reserve my tyres?

If you’re provided with winter tyres as part of your contract, once you receive your new vehicle, you can send us the dimensions of your tyres via email or by telephone. Better yet, bring your new car to us and our team will be more than happy to collect the information we need.

If you don’t stop by our facility, we’ll need the following information:

  • The dimensions of your tyres (tip: don’t hesitate to send us a picture of your tyre)

  • Your number plate

  • Your vehicle’s chassis number

LeasePlan Tyre Planning service

For several years now, Quoidbach has been one of the facilities selected by Leaseplan for its Tyre Planning service. This service guarantees that you will be provided with good winter tyres in a timely manner, for optimal quality of service. 

Your tyre brands

Your leasing company has selected a set of brands for its drivers. These brands guarantee your safety and mobility.