Winter/summer tyre/wheel hotel service

At Quoidbach, we offer a hotel service for your summer/winter tyres and wheels. In addition to the convenience it provides, this solution guarantees that they are stored following manufacturers’ recommendations.

Included with this service:

  • Inspection of the tyres stored in our warehouses

  • Tyre tagging and computer tracking

  • Insurance in the event of an accident on our premises

The cost of this service varies depending on various parameters (size, mounting on rims) and is paid seasonally (you pay for this service twice a year).  


  • Size equal to or smaller than 16 inches: €25.00 including VAT

  • Size 17 inches and up: €30.00 including VAT

  • Complete wheels: €35.00 including VAT

This service is offered free of charge (for the first winterising following the purchase of tyres at our establishments) upon purchasing new winter tyres or new wheels.